b&h Swiss Chita Star Leakproof Bowl Swiss Brand

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Product Features:

  • It is made of high quality imported PP material and has a heat resistance of about 120 °C. It will not release toxic substances such as bisphenol A at high temperature.
  • The perfect combination of the leak-proof bowl and the bowl helps the baby to easily pull out food and prevent spillage, reduce food waste and keep the table and the floor clean.
  • Combination is convenient and easy to collect. You can use the baby's habits to unilaterally put the leak-proof bowl on the bowl, or you can put the two leak-proof bowls on the bowl at the same time.
  • The ergonomically designed non-slip handle makes the baby more comfortable when holding it.
  • The anti-slip chassis is designed to prevent the bowl from sliding freely on the table.
  • It can be placed in a microwave for heating.