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b&h Swiss Baby Bottles Made in China Age 0+

SKU: 311601

b&h Swiss NeoStyle New Generation Silicone Milk Thistle Swiss Brand

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Product Features:

  • The new generation of silicone gel is made of silicone, and the soft texture is as moist as the mother's skin.
  • Fashionable and cute shape design, unlike the traditional milk thistle shape, gives a refreshing feeling.
  • The shape and material of the 360-degree silicone nipple, the ultra-wide mouth design is more like the mother's breast. When the breast milk and milk powder are mixed and fed, the nipple rejection phenomenon is reduced, so that the baby can enjoy the true breastfeeding feeling of the mother's breast.
  • The air intake hole design can continuously maintain the air pressure balance inside and outside the milk pan, and it will not suck in the air continuously, avoiding the occurrence of flatulence and making the baby healthier.
  • The ultra-wide diameter design makes it easy to brew milk powder. You can directly clean the bottom of the bottle without using a milk brush.
  • The connection technology is adopted for the body and the mouth, and the joints of the whole bottle are tightly packed, and no milk leakage occurs, thereby ensuring the overall hygiene of the milk bottle.

Other Information:

  • 311601: 160 ml, with small flow nipple - round hole
  • 311602: 160 ml, with small flow nipple - round hole
  • 311701: 240 ml, with medium flow nipple - cross hole & nipple needle
  • 311702: 240 ml, with medium flow nipple - cross hole & nipple needle