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b&h Swiss Bottle Warmers & Sterilizers Made in China

SKU: 229112_312401_312601_310601

b&h Swiss bottle disinfection and dryer with glass bottle set Swiss brand

Pre-ordered 2021-03-08

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  • Battle Disinfection & Dryer x 1 + Glass Bottle (120 ml) x 2 + Glass Bottle (240 ml) x 2 + Bottle Clip x 1

b&h Swiss Bottle Disinfection & Dryer

Product Features:

  • The SterSafe bottle sterilizer and dryer is a dual-function sterilizer with extra capacity for up to 8 bottles and accessories. The disinfection time is only 12 minutes, and there are 3 drying times to choose from.
  • Double function : High temperature sterilization and drying
  • Quick disinfection: only about 12 minutes
  • Extra capacity: IQ Control Panel
  • High durability: special design structure, anti-deformation
  • 3 drying time settings 20, 240 and 60 minutes

Other Information:

  • Model: 29112 - British plug

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b&h glass bottle Made in France (120 ml / 240 ml)

Product Features:

  • French entrance, medical grade glass and food grade pigment coating, no BPA.
  • The wide caliber design is easy to use and clean.
  • The nipple is equipped with an anti-flatulence system.
  • The richness of the body adds spice and freshness to the baby's diet.
  • Can be placed in a microwave or dishwasher.

Other Information:

  • It can be heat resistant 180oC
  • Anti-flatulence design
  • Does not contain bisphenol A (BPA).

b&h bottle holder

Product Features:

  • The bottle holder is made of ABS resin material and does not contain bisphenol A.
  • The unique non-slip handle design makes it easy to remove hands and is more convenient to use. The large handle is easy to hold, flexible to open and close, and easy to grip items with the principle of leverage.
  • The anti-slip design of the jaws is easy to grip and can easily and stably grip various bottles and other objects.
  • The clip junction is detachable for easy cleaning.