Aquasana NSF certification Kitchen smart water filter AQ-5300 installation service to pay

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Innovative upgrade, quadruple high-efficiency filtration
Aquasana kitchen-type intelligent water purifier, using unique four-fold filtration technology, effectively filtering 68 kinds of pollutants, including 20 micron pre-filter, pre-filtering sand and dust in water Impurities and rust, extend the life of the main filter; you can also choose to use Aquasana SimplySoft anti-scaling pre-filter to soften the water and effectively reduce scale formation.

  • Design Features
    • The design style is simple but not simple: user-friendly design, fully considering user needs
    • Simple design style: Guide users to install in 10 steps
    • Long life of filter: Sustainable use for about 6 months
    • Easy to replace the filter element: LED light smart cue filter usage
    • Physical filtering mechanism: no need to plug in, no waste water, low carbon and environmental protection
    • Food-grade non-toxic materials: green and healthy, harmless to water quality
  • Removable contaminants
    • Contaminants in the water: harm to the human body
    • Chromium, chloramine: Irritating to eyes, nose, throat and upper respiratory tract, causing acute pulmonary edema and pneumonia. Even when the concentration is high, it may even paralyze the respiratory center; irritate the skin, dry hair, break, split, and bleach the skin. , the skin layer falls off, causing skin allergies
    • Hanging particles: iron content exceeds the standard, long-term drinking of kidney burden in the home, leading to endocrine disorders, high blood pressure and other symptoms
    • Active cysts, Cryptosporidium and flagellates: cause abdominal and intestinal discomfort, causing diarrhea
    • Mercury: Causes chronic mercury poisoning, which causes significant memory loss, inattention, and confusion.
    • Lead: When lead enters the body, some of it is absorbed into the teeth and bones. Young children are particularly susceptible to the toxicity of lead.
    • BPA (Bisphenol A): causes endocrine disorders, which seriously threaten the health of the fetus and children, induces obesity and precocious puberty
    • Trihalomethanes: mutagenic and carcinogenic, and even cause liver, kidney and intestinal tumors
    • MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether): It is toxic and can cause cancer after being absorbed by the skin, respiratory tract and digestive tract.
    • Benzene: Carcinogenic, long-term inhalation can cause aplastic anemia
    • Carbofuran: Highly toxic pesticides, causing salivation, tearing, dilated pupils and muscle tremors, etc.
    • Atrazine: Herbicide, a stimulating effect on human skin and eyes

Certification and Awards

  • Almighty Water Filter Expert, NSF Gold Level Certification
    • The Claryum technology in the patent application effectively filters 68 kinds of harmful substances, and the water filtering effect is far more than or equal to NSF standard 42 (mouth test), 53 (sanitary test), 401 (filtered out emerging pollutant test) and P473 (Filtering out the PFOA & PFOS test) requirements.
  • NSF certification is the highest guarantee for consumers
    • NSF-certified, independent, not-for-profit NGOs are approved and certified by the National Institute of Standards and Research, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Canadian National Standards Council and other 13 national or industry authoritative organizations.
  • Special note: The so-called NSF certification of many brands on the market is only for Article 61. It is only used to prove that the water filter material itself does not contain toxic and harmful substances, and has nothing to do with the water filtration effect. ‍

Other Information:

  • Filter model: AQ-5300-R
  • External dimensions: approx. 29.8 cm × 10.2 cm × 21.6 cm
  • Weight: About 1.9 kg
  • NSF certified rated filtration: approximately 2,270 liters
  • Rated flow rate: about 1.9 liters / minute
  • Operating temperature range: 4-32 degrees Celsius
  • Operating pressure range: 20-80 psi
  • Recommended filter replacement time: about 6 months
  • LED prompts to replace the filter: Yes
  • Pre-filter for optional anti-scaling function: No
  • includes:
    • AQ-5300 or AQ-5300A main body
    • Claryum® filter and pre-filter
    • Luxury tap
    • Water pipes and fittings
  • *You can make an appointment to install the service. The basic installation fee is HK$500. (only applicable to Hong Kong)
  • Important note: Make sure all the parts shown are complete before the installation begins. If any parts are missing or damaged, do not attempt to install this water filter. Do not purchase parts to replace the original parts. Use parts made by other manufacturers (except faucets) may result in decreased product filtration performance, system damage or malfunction, and may void your warranty.
  • If the damage caused by the wrong installation, the company will not arrange replacement and / or maintenance, guests need to contact the agent to arrange repairs, guests need to pay the relevant fees
  • One year local maintenance and repair in Hong Kong

Installation process:

  • Customers who purchase installation services will charge an installation fee of $500
  • The installation fee will be charged by the installer after installation, and Suchprice will not be charged or paid
  • Other customers who purchase installation services, Suchprice and Master will contact you with the relevant installation process details and confirm customer information after confirming the order
  • For details, please call 2601 1101 (Office hours: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm)

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