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Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch Traditional Chinese

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Product Features:

Lightweight and sturdy design, equipped with high-sensitivity GPS chips, and more than 40,000 complete fairway information worldwide, the Approach S20 features event tracking and smart reminders, as well as automatic update of the fairway information for your Staying connected, it is a golf and leisure watch that is worn everyday.

Before you swing, get ready

  • Whether you want to have a casual golf with friends at the stadium you are most familiar with, or choose to play on the long-awaited vacation course, the Approach S20 can take control of your position and you will go to the next one. How far is the flagpole. The watch is equipped with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver chip to provide accurate distance information. The high-resolution screen clearly shows the distance between the front and the back of the green, including the obstacle zone, the distance between the dogleg and the ball point. You can also measure the distance on the course. The actual number of yards hit by any hitting point.

Swing automatic detection (AutoShot)

  • Enable the swing tracking function before the start of the game. Track the shot 3, measure the distance and automatically record the hit position whenever you play the swing. You can view the information at Garmin ConnectTM after the game.

Garmin Connect Golf

  • Uploading Camera® data to the free Sports Cloud Garmin ConnectTM, reviewing the record and statistical analysis of each game, whether it's tracking your progress or sharing it with others is as simple as that! Garmin Connect Golf can even sum up your best goal performance, settle the best score for each hole and provide you with the best 18 hole combination on the course.

Preview the green map

  • A quick button to preview the green map, even if you are behind the green, you can easily grasp the true contour and layout of the green. You can also manually calibrate the position of the flagpole on the day to facilitate accurate shots.

Business Essentials-Mobile Smart Notification

  • Don’t go back to the bag to find your phone, don’t miss any important messages now! Approach S20 uses Bluetooth-compatible smart phone 2 to simultaneously receive mobile phone alerts, including incoming calls, E-mails, newsletters, and social media notifications. Even when the game is in progress, you can instantly grasp important information.

Long-term endurance

  • The Approach S20 uses a rechargeable lithium battery to provide longer battery life, support longer races or more goals; for up to 15 hours in GPS training mode while fully charged This means you can spend a weekend and enjoy your swing; in daily activity tracking and watch mode, you can use up to 8 weeks after charging.

This is the golf watch you want

  • Collecting the basic functions of golf, the slim and comfortable strap design, no doubt, the Approach S20 can also be used as a daily watch. With a rugged body and 5ATM (50m underwater) waterproof rating, the Approach S20 is equipped with activity tracking and sedentary reminders to guide your life to a more positive and healthy style; for those who like walking, through the built-in The odometer keeps track of every inch of land you step on.

Other Information:

  • One year maintenance
  • Machine size: 3.74 x 4.76 x 1.13 cm
  • Screen size: 2.3 x 2.3 cm
  • Screen resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
  • Screen Type: Visible in sunlight, high resolution monochrome screen
  • Weight : 42.2 grams
  • Battery type: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery performance (up to maximum): GPS mode is about 15 hours; watch mode is about 8 weeks
  • Waterproof rating : 5ATM (50 meters underwater)
  • Note: This device is not designed to be used while swimming

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