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APM Jet Cobweb Insect Spray

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Product Features:

  • Non-traditional insecticides, no strong odor, no toxicity, does not affect the health of young children, pregnant women and pets.
  • The optimal range is 50 cm. It has the viscosity to catch the pests on the wall. It can be peeled off and discarded. It is not easy to escape. After drying, the pests will cover the insects and avoid the likes.
  • This product has passed SGS inspection and does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals, and does not cause environmental and air pollution

How to use:

  • Continuous "circumferential" spraying against pests (best covering)
  • After completing the film, it can be directly discarded by hand without soiling the hands
  • If it is used for other purposes, spray the surface to be sprayed directly

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  • Imitating spider webs, sticking and catching pests, making it nowhere to escape
  • Wrap all pests, no direct contact, very hygienic, suitable for fear of insects
  • Reducing bacterial and parasitic infections caused by killing pests
  • Water-based high-strength polymer membrane, no strong odor, strong insecticide
  • Nozzle jets are high-precision jets, making it easier to fight pests
  • The polymer is very easy to remove when it is not dry, and does not destroy the surface of the object
  • It can be used as a general filling gap after drying and hardening
  • Physical damage to pests, no toxicity, more peace of mind
  • 450mL per bottle