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Windmill Publishing Windmill My ABC singing song-FOOD Superman Taiwan Import

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Product Features:

1. 20 English nursery rhymes, with cute and beautiful picture books, let children easily learn ABC.

2. mini microphone singing, singing and humming let the children become little Super star!

3.5-stage volume adjustable, let the children develop a sense of rhythm and music literacy.

4. Hyun flash LED lights, can loop, and song accompaniment pattern may switch to create the most versatile singing karaoke OK.
A mini microphone is attached to let the baby sing loudly to create a baby-only karaoke!

1. mini microphone, to create a dedicated children singing karaoke OK stage:
with mini microphone, 20 nice and familiar English songs, let the children singing along to the music loud, to create exclusive children Karaoke singing stage!

2. switchable songs and accompaniment modes:
songs and accompaniment has two modes, children can follow the chorus of the original song, you can own singing along with musical accompaniment.

3. can repeat playback, listen:
press cycle Press, unlimited repeat a single song, five-stage adjustable sound size, and Hyun flashing LED lights, let the children Enjoy the versatile carnival karaoke!

4. English word exercise, let the children sing and dance to learn English:
finishing first English songs in every single word, to enable children to learn English in a relaxed sing and dance in, ABC Good simple!

5. rich with beautiful music picture books, to enrich the baby visual:
with LED lights shining, with lovely illustrations of picture books lyrics, sing and let the children learn literacy, enrich the child's vision enjoy.

6. accompany the children to sing and dance, parent-child interaction more closely:
parents can accompany their children together to sing and dance along to the music, to promote close interaction between parents and children.

Notes / 1, please use accompanied by a guardian, children avoid eating this product. 2. Please remove the battery when not in use for a long time. 3. Do not place the product in a hot or humid place or touch the fire source.
■ Product Specifications

[Windmill] My ABC singing song-FOOD Superman

Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Windmill editors
appropriate reading age: 3 years old
bar code: 4714426203933
size: 23.8 * 20 * 3cm
Pages :50 pages
Publication time: October 2014
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