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艾比熊 Abby Bear Baby Bathtubs & Bath Seats Made in Taiwan Age 0+

SKU: A14008

Abby Bear Abby Bear Baby Shower Net Bed

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Product Features:

  • Made in Taiwan
  • Soft mesh shower bed, simple installation, convenient collection is a good helper for small baby to bathe, enjoy a peaceful bath
  • The width and length of the bath can be adjusted according to the size of the bathtub. * Mommy is a good helper for the baby to bathe. It has a soft mesh design, flexible and clean. * It is fixed by a three-point shower clip. It is easy to operate and convenient to collect. Li>
  • Applicable to general baby tub (oval)
Other information:
  • Color : Light blue
  • Place of Origin: Taiwan
  • Material : Cloth, net
  • Precautions for newborn bathing: Between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, the indoor temperature is relatively stable, which is more suitable for bathing. The baby bathing time is preferably no more than 10-15 minutes, otherwise the wet body temperature is easy to lose. It is best for the baby to bathe after an hour of feeding. The temperature of the newborn's bath: about 37-38 degrees Celsius in summer and 39-40 degrees in winter. For proper temperature, you can use the "water temperature meter" to measure the temperature of the bath water. If you feel that the water temperature is a little low , properly adjusted. How to choose baby cleaning products: baby delicate skin, very sensitive to cleaning products, close to the skin acid and alkali cleaning products, which are most suitable for plant and slightly acidic. It is best to choose "baby-specific" cleaning products, including shampoo, shower gel, and wet tissue, to be gentle and not aggressive.

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