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0/3 Baby natural color cotton hooded bag 0-4 years old

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Colour: Tea Party Bunny
Tea Party Bunny
Little Mushroom
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Product Features:

  • From natural dye-free colored cotton
  • In nature, colored cotton already exists.
  • The color of colored cotton is derived from its own genes, like the hair color of different races, and the color is rich and natural.
  • 0/3 baby COLLECTION Introduces 100% colored cotton baby bedding and brings out "four persistences" during production:
    • Educating land away from pollution sources
    • Do not apply chemical fertilizer
    • Do not spill harmful pesticides
    • No dyeing and bleaching
  • Advanced and friendly natural color cotton is raised from the land away from pollution sources, contains no harmful irritants, natural color and soft texture, tin sensitive baby's sensitive skin
  • Hooded hood, let newborn babies be surrounded by love
    • The newborn baby should adapt to the world of flowers and flowers that are completely different from the mother's stomach. Therefore, it is extremely safe to wrap the baby. It not only has a warming effect, but also tightly encases the safety of the baby. Soft cotton The texture of tin affects the baby's sensitive skin, let the baby feel love and warmth

Other Information:

  • Material: 100% natural colored cotton
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees water temperature